Mpox is slowly but steadily spreading throughout Oregon.

The Oregon Health Authority said that Oregonians may get the mpox vaccination for free.


According to the Oregon Health Authority, there has been a significant reduction in the number of current cases of mumps over the course of the last year. The virus that produces a severe rash has nevertheless continued to spread in the community via close skin-to-skin contact. The result has been a rise in reported incidents.The virus, which is also known as Mpox, has disproportionately impacted males of Latino or black descent who have had sexual contact with other men.

Oregon has many safeguards in place to avoid a comeback, according to Dr. Tim Menza, senior health adviser for the state’s mpox response with the Oregon Health Authority. These safeguards include testing, vaccination, treatment, and data to guide our response.We can utilize these tools now to help us prevent replicating the epidemic that occurred in 2022 when we get together and travel for Pride festivities next month in Oregon and throughout the nation.

Although sexual contact is not necessary for the Mpox to spread, Menza has already identified a number of behaviors that increase one’s likelihood of contracting the virus, including sexual acts that include being nude with another person. It has been previously stated by OPB that another way to get the sickness is by using towels or bedding that was previously used by someone who was affected by the virus.
Since the epidemic first started, 280 people in Oregon have been down with MPOX, including two children and teenagers under the age of 18. Since August 2022, the number of reported cases has decreased from 10 to 15 each week to between one and three per month.
According to the state’s health authority, 13,084 residents in Oregon had gotten their first dose of the mpox vaccine as of the middle of May. A little more than half of these individuals got a second dose, which boosts the level of protection they get. There are around 5,381 individuals who are still qualified to get a second treatment, although they have not yet done so.
Officials from the Oregon Health Authority stated in a statement that the vaccination is offered at no cost and is easily accessible to residents of the state. Those who do not have a health care provider may contact the 211 hotline for assistance in locating a location in their county where they can get the vaccination.

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